Korean Wild Flowers Stamp Booklet

Booklet released: April 20, 1999

Korean-Side: Information/Press Release Section:
Since the images in the Press Release/Information Section, do not consistently load for computers operating without a Hangul character-set; I decided to capture them.

O/A April 15, 99, the previously present 1998 Stamp Book and Booklet Topic was expanded to include the additional offer of a Korean Wild Flower Stamp Booklet. I have separated the new data and image, from the previous offers.

Korean Wild Flower Stamp Booklet:
Release date:  '99.4.20'.
Philatelic contents: 24 stamps issued in the Wild Flower Series 3rd-7th issues, 1992-1997.
Booklet release quantity:  18,000. Booklet cost:  7,500 Won.

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